Ducati, Luca Marini to Sportal.it: “Bagnaia will owe us many dinners…”

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Team VR46 centaur Luca Marini and brother of Valentino Rossi to Sportal.it: “We have not yet fully realized what happened.”

Not only Pecco Bagnaia: even his teammates in the VR46 Academy still find it hard to believe in the Ducati centaur’s MotoGp world championship triumph. In an interview with Sportal.it at Eicma, VR46 team rider Luca Marini had this to say about his friend’s victory: “We are very proud and proud of Pecco, as friends. Maybe we haven’t fully realized what happened yet, it almost seems strange to see one of our group win, even though we are all strong riders, able to get this kind of results.”

“It’s really a great thing to win the MotoGp riders’ championship: big congratulations to Pecco and Ducati, I can’t wait to celebrate, Pecco will owe us many dinners this winter…,” Valentino Rossi’s brother explained.

The balance of his season is good: “I am fully satisfied with this season, we were always ahead: it was almost a dream, I have to continue like this, to work well. The tests in Valencia went very well: next year we will not have an official bike but I am convinced that we can do well, we will have to go strong in qualifying because with the new format it will be even more crucial to start in front.”

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