Ludovica Motta riding toward a dream: “I’m committed and having fun.”

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Ludovica Motta riding a horse toward a dream

How beautiful horseback riding considered today, along with polo, one of the noble sports par excellence. Legend has it that those who practice this sport become younger and more beautiful although then the bond that is established between rider and his horse, with a life in symbiosis, becomes that plus unobtainable in other sports, a unicum in short. So horseback riding is a sport that everyone can practice and is complete physically and mentally. A bit like the story of the very young Ludovica Motta, one of the promising profiles of equitation in force at Ca’ del Rio Artepony.

A passion born almost by chance for Ludovica blossomed to the point of being cultivated on a virtually daily basis. A dream to live with open eyes, a sport that is now a way of life. Ludovica Motta, from Bologna, is in the eighth grade and discovered the world of horseback riding a few years ago, becoming fascinated by it. “Thanks to my mom Clara,” says the amazon, “I discovered this sport and then acquaintance with a family friend who worked in a riding school allowed me to gradually start riding. Those who have this passion know it well: the relationship with the horse is special. And the same is true for Ludovica with Borland, an 11-year-old dark bay from Belgium. “With me Borland is good and very affectionate. Once I fell during a competition and he came to me to help me; it can also happen to him to have some inconvenience, as happened once in competition by putting his hind legs badly because of a hole after the second obstacle. When we finish the course, if it went well, I give him a treat and he turns his neck toward my leg. At the riding school there had also been an opportunity to have a pony to start with, although I found substantial differences in the handling of just the horse. I prefer Borland, but the pony remains equally a lovely animal.” Then she adds, “I train,” Ludovica continues, “every day, competitions are usually in the final part of the week. If I have arrived at important results over the years I owe it not only to my perseverance and will to always reach the maximum but also to my instructors Luca Calabro and Max Reggini.”

Also crucial is the role of her parents, Mom Clara and Dad Federico. “To support my commitments with riding,” Ludovica says, “mom and dad make so many sacrifices to take me to trainings and competitions on a daily basis, and they also support me financially with expenses. I am grateful and thankful to them.” Riding that is not only the present of the promising horsewoman, entered with her Cadelrio Artepony ssdrl in FISE competitions, but also seems to be the future, at least in her current look toward the horizon. “When I grow up,” she concludes, “I would like to devote myself to horseback riding and become an instructor as well as dream of one day being called to the national team. For now, feet on the ground and head for the studio and my Borland.”

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