F1, Ferrari: Damon Hill bluntly on the mess in Brazil

©Getty Images

Damon Hill is not surprised by yet another mistake by the Redhead

The only pillot to be fitted with intermediate tires in qualifying for the Brazilian Grand Prix was Charles Leclerc, and the red wall’s choice turned out to be a disaster: the rain the Maranello team was hoping for did not come, and so Leclerc struggled tremendously, finishing tenth in the Q3 session.

Damon Hill, former driver and F1 world champion in 1996, commented on Ferrari’s mistake this way, “They will have to recover from what happened. And sometimes it’s really hard to stop the panic spiral in the team because they know it’s not the first time it’s happened and it’s a mirror of their season.”

According to the Sky Uk commentator, there could be negative repercussions for the Sprint Race as well: “Now they’re going to approach Saturday with partly negative thinking, ‘What are we going to get wrong today?’ instead of thinking, ‘We don’t usually do this. We’re professionals and we know what to do.'”

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