St. Paul’s super Mercedes surprised even George Russell

©Getty Images

An achievement never achieved, with an important emphasis.

George Russell wins, albeit “only” the Sprint Race. The British driver, who has never won a Grand Prix in his Formula 1 career, beats everyone under the checkered flag at Interlagos and earns the first position in the start of Sunday’s Sao Paulo Grand Prix. And he acknowledges the great growth of his Mercedes in recent weeks.

“It was incredible,” Russell explained about the Sprint Race win, “I didn’t expect to have such a good pace. However, this shows how much we have grown in these last three races. Since Austin the car has been going really great.”

Spectacular was his overtaking of Max Verstappen, which came after a battle that lasted for a good three laps corner after corner. “I don’t know how it would have gone if Verstappen had softs,” Russell admitted, “but we take this victory with great enthusiasm. The duel with Max? Very difficult. I was aiming for the win, but I didn’t want to take too many risks.”

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