Mika Hakkinen goes against Max Verstappen’s choice

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Mika Hakkinen’s words.

Mika Hakkinen had his say on what happened in Brazil. “The contact with Lewis Hamilton looked like a race incident, but the stewards blamed it on Max Verstappen. Nobody wanted the contact, especially two drivers who are fighting for victory. Max could have left the throttle, but we are talking about fractions of a second to be able to make a decision. In any case, two things emerged after the incident: the first is that Lewis drove brilliantly remounting to second place, also pushing Russell to victory. The second is that the Red Bull mechanics were incredible at repairing Max’s front wing. He managed to come back up to 6th place, not the best result of his career, but still achieved thanks to the great work of the team.”

Definitely different tones on another episode, the one that saw the Dutchman close in front of Perez, without letting him pass as requested: “The team always comes first, if you have an agreement with the team it should always be respected. None of us will ever know what the deal was between Max and Red Bull, but clearly he is the first driver, and he brought home two titles. In any case, it’s also true that Sergio has been a great help to Max, they won the constructors’ title this year, so it would have been nice to see Max help Sergio for 2nd place, particularly now that he’s tied on points with Leclerc. I saw that they talked to Horner about helping Sergio in Abu Dhabi, and it will be interesting to see what happens. Now let’s also see for the constructors, because the fight for 2nd place constructor will also be fascinating. Ferrari wants to beat Mercedes, just as Charles wants to beat Sergio.”

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