NBA: Steph Curry’s 50 points but the Suns party.

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6-9 record for the Warriors

Another heavy misstep by Golden State, which also loses on the court of Phoenix (130-119 the final). For the Warriors eighth defeat on the road where, to date, they have never won (6-9 record). A 50-point Curry was not enough to beat the Suns (29 points by Payne, 27 by Booker).

Boston wins its eighth game in a row, topping Atlanta with a dry 126-101 win (22 points by Brown). Miami falls to Toronto (112-104) while New York surprises Denver (106-103). Milwaukee disposes of Cleveland (113-98). Thanks to 23 points from McCollum, New Orleans prevails in its showdown with Chicago (124-110). Orlando (without Banchero) falls, beaten decisively by Minnesota (124-108). OKC knocks out Washington in a sprint (121-120).

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