F1, Helmut Marko opens to a new role for Sebastian Vettel

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Red Bull adviser opens up on new role for Vettel

Red Bull adviser Helmut Marko has opened up about what could be a new role for the future of Sebastian Vettel, fresh from his last race in Formula 1.

“It is not out of the question that he will come back with a senior management position. And then I will soon be 80 years old,” said the Austrian executive.

“We discussed the matter. I think if Seb could get a top management position, he might be interested. That is what emerged in the course of the interview. But now let’s take him one step at a time and then see what happens. Certainly he would have potential and personality to fill this role-he is one of those annoyingly good guys at everything they do. I’m sure that if he decides to take this career path, he would be very good at it,” Marko then continued

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