Inter, Moratti goes down flat: “Lukaku, what a rip-off.”

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Former Inter president Moratti no holds barred when talking about the Belgian spearhead.

Former Inter president Massimo Moratti in an interview with Gianluca Rossi’s Youtube channel spoke about the Nerazzurri team’s moment in no uncertain terms: “We almost forgot that Inter has to do without the player on whom they had based everything, Lukaku; a big rip-off, because he practically never played.”

“I don’t think there is a need for big signings, but they are working hard anyway, let’s see,” continued the former Nerazzurri number one, who on Inzaghi’s situation put it this way: “Would I have exonerated him after the negative results? Apart from the human discourse that weighs a lot in these cases, then you have to have the alternative ready. You still have to be inside the mechanism, outside you reason more as a fan and you may feel like it. But I like him, and Inter also plays well.”

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