Carmelo Ezpeleta copies from Formula 1

©Getty Images

The words of Carmelo Ezpeleta

Carmelo Ezpeleta on the sidelines of an event in Pamplona spoke about the relationship between MotoGp and Formula 1. “When our races don’t overlap with F1, the first message I get at the checkered flag is congratulations from Stefano Domenicali. And I do the same thing to him, because we are talking about the number one motorsport event in the world. It doesn’t hurt me to admit that. I believe that we are complementary. Over the years I have learned a lot from F1 and now with Stefano the relationship is very strong and I don’t deny that I benefit from what they do. We copy what we can.”

“One of the most difficult things to do is the calendar, we manage to draw it up satisfactorily precisely because of the collaboration we have. We have to have a lower number than F1 because the possibility of injury is higher here and we have to give the riders time to recover,” the Dorna boss noted.

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