Varese basketball, Matt Brase reveals a backstory on his working method

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Matt Brase Speaks

Varese Basketball coach Matt Brase gave an interview to La Prealpina in which he talks about his new adventure on the bench of the Varese club.

The coach of the red-and-whites began like this, “I had a good situation in Portland, but when I talked to Luis Scola and Mike Arcieri, they presented me with the possibility of returning to the same basketball as when I was in Houston and the Rio Grande Valley Vipers. The more I talked to them, the more convinced I became: I had worked as an NBA assistant for several seasons, and the opportunity to return as head coach and work and play the way I prefer was enticing. I lost a few nights of sleep, however, I believe that facing challenges outside your comfort zone and thinking outside the box is the way to try to grow.”

“I had been twice to Treviso for Eurocamp plus other visits to Lithuania, Slovenia and Germany always for events related to my work in basketball. Varese is a great place to live and work: the city is beautiful and enjoyable, and I get along very well off the court. The time to shoot is not so much because the coach’s job doesn’t end just with daily training: you have to think about preparing sessions and watching videos. But there is a way to get around and visit an area that offers so many attractions,” Brase continued.

Finally, he revealed a backstory about his working method: “My calm ways of approaching players and on the bench? That’s what I learned from my grandfather Lute Olson: ‘You don’t teach by tone of voice,’ he used to say. And Mike D’Antoni had the same approach. I try to give them suggestions, little corrections: ‘Have you seen this situation? Think about this.’ Putting pressure doesn’t help, and likewise it doesn’t help to give too much information, which risks making the players overthink and slow down on the field.”

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