Alessandro Bastoni reveals a market backstory

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Alessandro Bastoni reveals a market backstory

Reached by Corriere dello Sport, Alessandro Bastoni returned to Italy’s failure to qualify for the World Cup: “Like all my national teammates I would have liked to participate, it’s obvious. Unfortunately, however, we are at home and we can only reset to try again in four years. The blow was big, I won’t hide it, also because it’s the second consecutive time and that hurts. Who am I rooting for? I’ve always had a great passion and admiration for Messi so I say Argentina. And then there is also Lautaro Martinez, I would be so happy for him.”

Glance, then, at Inter: “The greatness of a footballer also lies in being able to change the plays depending on the teammates you play with. For example, Dimarco prefers to receive the ball on his feet because then it is easier for him to cross, Gosens on the other hand likes to be thrown because he attacks the depth.”

Antonio Conte in the summer asked the Tottenham management to sign Bastoni: “There was some contact, but I am happy to have stayed at Inter. Skriniar? I can only advise him to do what he thinks is right. We are professionals and everyone has to make his own evaluations together with his family. The important thing is that he is convinced of the final choice. I cannot judge, only hope that he stays here because he is really strong.”

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