Federica Brignone challenges Shiffrin: “It’s time to attack”

©Getty Images

“I am working to regain my feeling on skis.”

Federica Brignone spoke to Fisi channels ahead of the December 10-11 weekend at Sestriere. The giant slalom will start on Saturday: “I am working to find my feeling on skis again, to attack instead of defend myself, I will do everything to achieve positive feelings. It was a strange start to the season because of cancellations but it can happen in our sport, they had added so many races to the schedule but in the end we didn’t do a single one.”

“From now on the calendar is busy,” Azzurra continued, “there will be opportunities to move up in level and confidence, I have great memories in Sestriere, three years ago it was a crazy race, I hope to relive good emotions.

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