MotoGp, Marc Marquez: Sete Gibernau’s sentence arrives.

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Sete Gibernau gets off the hook on Marc Marquez

Sete Gibernau, in an interview published by ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’ on the former Spanish rider’s 50th birthday, spoke among other things about Marc Marquez, trying to predict what will happen in the 2023 MotoGp World Championship.

“If all goes well, the novelty will be the presence of Marquez at the top from the beginning of the World Championship, although a lot will depend on Honda,” the 2003 and 2004 MotoGp vice-champion, both times behind his great rival at the time, Valentino Rossi, remarked. “I imagine they are struggling with some problems, and if they don’t solve them, it will be difficult to win even for someone like Marc. Both they and Yamaha will have to work very hard to catch up.”

“If I have to choose a name [for the world title, ed.] I still say Marquez. From my point of view he is a hero, the strongest rider in history. I am curious to see how he will deal with the new enemy, that is the psychological aspect, the ability to handle difficulties,” added the former rider, active in MotoGP between 1992 (first full season in ’96) and 2009.

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