Sinisa Mihajlovic, Walter Zenga’s moving remembrance.

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“I want to remember you this way My Friend BRATE !!!!,” the caption posted by the former Spider-Man on the sidelines of the video

The death of Sinisa Mihajlovic perhaps did not take the soccer world totally by surprise, knowing the serious illness that had affected the former coach of, among others, Bologna and Milan for more than two years. However, this took nothing away from the grief and dismay of so many friends, teammates and opponents that Sinisa had made in Italy and around the world.

The sense of emptiness is unanimous: there are those who have already come out of the closet publicly, with a post perhaps on their Instagram profile, and those who, we speak above all of the many clubs in which the Serbian worked first as a player and then as a coach, have issued an official note that they never wanted to publish.

The first line-up includes Walter Zenga, a great personal friend of Mihajlovic, who was also faced as an opponent in a Bologna-Cagliari match on July 1, 2020. It is related to that post-match video posted by the then Sardinian coach, who had joined Sinisa in the mixed zone at the latter’s express wish, the protagonist of a funny siparietto with his friend-rival. “What do I want to tell him? That he’s a half-s**t,” Mihajlovic had urged, smiling. Prompt was the former Spider-Man’s response, “He is the other half, so the two of us make a whole s**t.” And off with laughter, even from the studio, in a relationship that has always been imbued with mutual esteem.

“I want to remember you this way My friend BRATE !!!!,” the caption posted by Zenga on the sidelines of the video.

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