Biathlon, Lisa Vittozzi does not hide her regrets

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In Le Grand Bornard Lisa Vittozzi is second, Dorothea Wierer fifth

Lisa Vittozzi took second place in the ‘pursuit’ race in Le Grand Bornard, a French leg of the Biathlon World Cup. However, a placing that leaves the 27-year-old with a bitter taste in her mouth, since two errors in the second series on the ground at the polygon weighed on the final result of the race that saw the success of Elvira Oeberg – and, as far as the other Italian women’s teams are concerned, the fifth place of a growing Dorothea Wierer.

“The second polygon unfortunately cost me the victory,” Vittozzi told official Fisi channels, “those two mistakes did not fit, however, I tried to hold on, thinking that then there were the standing polygons in the third and fourth series, to reach the podium that represented the eve’s goal.

“My form on skis is very good and it allowed me to stay in front,” added the Sappada athlete. “Now I find myself in second place in the standings, it represents an important moment for how much work there is behind and for the beatings I took. Returning to the level of before is a great satisfaction, I hope to continue well to fight as long as possible for the first place. On Sunday we close the French trip with a mass start, I will try to stay at the top again. We have to be focused, because it is always important to stay in front and take points: then we will do the sums at the end.”

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