Withdrawal imminent? Rafa Nadal’s response to Zverev.

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A retreat will happen sooner or later, but it is not yet imminent.

Rafa Nadal spoke clearly during a press conference from Melbourne, where he is for the important Australian Open event. And the phenomenal Majorcan responded to Alexander Zverev, who had predicted his imminent farewell to tennis.

“I am not able to determine what will happen between now and the next six months,” Nadal admitted, “But I know I am here because I want to play tennis and have a great 2023. I have a great relationship with Zverev, but if I were to think about retiring, it would not be to him that I would confess it.”

“I intend to fight for all the goals I’ve had throughout my career again this year. Retirement I don’t think about, but every time I have a press conference this talk comes up,” Nadal added.

Zverev, before Nadal’s retort, had said he believed in a retirement of his colleague during 2023. “I hope with all my heart that it doesn’t happen, but I believe that after Roland Garros this year he will bid farewell to tennis,” the German had said.

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