Lorenzo Musetti and the Novak Djokovic model: “Wrong to copy him.”

©Getty Images

The example of the great ones to always keep in mind, but without giving up self-awareness.

Lorenzo Musetti focuses on Novak Djokovic and Carlos Alcaraz. Not just colleagues and rivals, but currently the first and second in the ATP rankings. However, the talented player from Carrara, who beat the Spaniard himself in the final of the Hamburg tournament, does not want to overdo the celebration of the two current leaders of world tennis.

“Copying Djokovic or Alcaraz would not do me any good,” Musetti stressed to the microphones of ‘ESPN.’ Each of us is a different tennis player with different characteristics. That’s why I think I need to focus on my career, and not on something different from who I am.”

So Musetti used words of high praise for Alcaraz: “Last year he did something incredible. He deserved everything he was able to achieve, and I think he will go on to win several Grand Slam tournaments. Just like Djokovic.”

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