Spal, Massimo Oddo drastic: “I have clear ideas on who will play.”

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Spal coach ready for home debut against Como

Spal coach Massimo Oddo spoke in a press conference on the eve of the league match against Como, his debut on the Estense bench. “Tomorrow’s is not a last resort, although the commitment against Como certainly has an important specific weight for several reasons: for the change of coach, because every time this situation occurs it is important to start well for the whole environment and because it is a direct clash and we need points and to get them as soon as possible.”

On lineup choices: “The players are all available, there are many of us, inevitably I will have to make choices for this match but with every match everyone comes back into the discussion both in terms of the call-ups and the starting lineup. I have clear ideas about who to choose, in these days I have been asking myself questions and on the field I have had answers for this match. However, for me as of 4 p.m. tomorrow everything will reset and it will be up to the guys to get themselves chosen for the next game.”

Oddo assured that there will be no upheaval: “There will be no upheaval, because today we need certainty and it would be a mistake to turn things upside down or insert a lot of new ideas. We need concreteness and I am happy because I found great willingness from everyone, but the answer is always given by the field. So I am as curious as you are to see them tomorrow.”

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