Lecce: important announcement by Sticchi Damiani on the market

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Lecce: important announcement by Sticchi Damiani on the market

Speaking on the frequencies of Radio Rai1, Saverio Sticchi Damiani commented on Lecce’s victory over Atalanta as follows: “I am very satisfied with the victory in Bergamo: they are three very heavy points for salvation. This is a team that never ceases to amaze with many youngsters and debutants who are doing an incredible championship.”

Some Lecce players have attracted the attentions of other clubs: “Our policy is clear even to our fans: Lecce needs to please its players should they ask us to grow elsewhere. At the end of the year we know that some players will be desirable on the market and we will satisfy them, however, in case someone wants to stay and fight with us we will have the strength to keep the big guys. Falcone? He has an outstanding performance, he made a mistake yesterday but then he saved us. We have a right of redemption that we want to exercise, then we will see what Sampdoria will decide to do since they have the counter-redemption.”

“If I had to give a grade to the team I would say a 10 for all its components. We have planned with youth by fielding 5-6 players born after 2000 in every game, with guys also coming from the Primavera. That’s the only way a club like ours can put it into practice also to not go into debt and to make ends meet. We have a youth sector and a Primavera 1 from where we will draw more players for the coming seasons,” concluded Sticchi Damiani.

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