Athletics, Samuel Ceccarelli wants to run strong in the 100 as well

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The class of 2000 surprised everyone by beating Jacobs

Now he is all the talk. After beating Olympic champion Jacobs in Ancona in the indoor 60 meters, Ceccarelli’s name has, all of a sudden, become very well known in the sprint environment. With seven years of karate behind him and a grandfather who was a goalkeeper in Serie A, the 23-year-old new Italian champion is aiming for an even more prosperous future.

“Limits? I don’t set any, I don’t make calculations or drag my thoughts too far. I treasure these new experiences and do not imagine what will be,” his words to Gazzetta dello Sport. Over the 100-meter distance he is still not lightning fast (10″45 his best time), but Ceccarelli is certain he can do much better: “My coach says that, given my structure, I can also have a good throw.”

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