Basketball, Amedeo Della Valle enjoys his revenge

©Getty Images

Blue was voted MVP of the Italian Cup Final Eight.

He had already won other trophies in his career, but winning the Coppa Italia at the helm of Leonessa Brescia gave him immense joy. MVP of the Final Eight, he proved that he can be a winner in Italy as well.

Now Della Valle is enjoying the moment: “For me it is a revenge. I needed to win a title in Italy to reaccredit myself at a high level. Beating two Euroleague teams like Milano and Virtus made me realize that I can still compete with the best,” his words to Gazzetta dello Sport. Then there is a special thanks: “There is no Batman without Robin. That for me is Petrucelli. His return has been decisive. Together we are complementary. Just like Batman and Robin.”

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