Virtus ok, Scariolo: “Finally the right attitude”

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Virtus Bologna coach Sergio Scariolo spoke after the victory against Trento

Virtus Bologna coach Sergio Scariolo applauded his team for a fine 96-80 victory over Dolomiti Energia Trentino: “I’m happy, we approached the game the right way. Good on defense, on offense we shared the ball and responded in the best way after the loss we suffered against Napoli. I had talked about unselfishness and generosity, the players had responded in the wrong way to the difficulties. Now things are going differently and it is important for the players who have just returned from injuries to find their rhythm.”

“It’s a delicate moment of the season, I liked the attitude of the long players who did well defensively and that has to be the way we have to be on the court. There are times when it is obvious that there is more physical difficulty and others when mental difficulty prevails. As for us, I can say that often physical difficulties have also led to mental difficulties. The hope is that the physical condition can grow as we get through this week, we will have a few weeks to train.”

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