Serious injury for Leonardo Okeke, Olimpia Milano’s message.

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Serious injury for Leonardo Okeke

Bad, indeed very bad news for Leonardo Okeke, in the aftermath of the injury suffered in the final game between his Joventut Badalona (club for which he plays on loan from Olimpia Milano) and Girona: as reported by the Black and Green club, Okekeke suffered a dislocation to the posterior side of his right hip with fracture of the acetabulum and virtually complete muscle tear of the right pyramidal muscle.

Okeke will undergo surgery on Thursday 20 at Hospital General de Catalunya under the supervision of the club’s medical staff. Doctors Antoni Mora, Didac Masvidal and Sergio Sanchez will perform the surgery. On social media, Olimpia Milano addressed a message to the 2003 class player, with a presence in the national team to his credit: “Get strong, Leonardo! You will come back stronger than before.”

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