Novak Djokovic goes down hard on Cameron Norrie: “I don’t let anyone do that.”

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Novak Djokovic explains reaction to Norrie’s hit

Rome Tuesday gave Novak Djokovic a passage to the quarterfinals of the Internazionali d’Italia, but the Serb did not like the attitude of his opponent in the round of 16, Cameron Norrie, and one episode in particular, when the ball hit by the Briton landed on the ATP No. 1 ranking player, whose back was turned at the time because he thought the point was over.

“I’ve seen that shot again, maybe you can say he didn’t do it on purpose,” Nole said in a press conference. “From the beginning, though, he did a lot of things that are allowed but that in the locker room we don’t think are sporting, he yelled “Come on!” in my face practically every single point he won. There’s no rule against it, though, so…”

“I had always gotten along with Cameron,” Djokovic added, “we even trained together at times. I don’t understand today’s attitude: he lit the fire, I responded. I don’t allow anyone to behave like that.”

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