Imola, the Formula 1 Grand Prix is at risk

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Formula 1, Imola at risk

The bad weather emergency facing Emilia Romagna is also putting at risk the Formula 1 Grand Prix n scheduled for this weekend at the Enzo and Dino Ferrari Autodrome in Imola.

Organizers on Wednesday morning took stock of the situation in a statement, “We report below updated information regarding the flooding at the F1 Dino and Enzo Ferrari Autodrome in Imola. Currently, personnel have been evacuated due to the flooding of the Santerno River, which flows in the vicinity of the circuit. The forecast indicates further rainfall. The continuation of the race will depend on further developments, which are unpredictable at the moment. On Tuesday, the water level of the river caused flooding in part of the paddock, leading to the interruption of the preparation work for the race. The progress of the work will be affected by the decrease in the water level and the possibility of resuming race preparation.”

For Formula 1 team personnel, evacuated Tuesday as a precaution, the ban on access to the Autodrome remains in place until further notice.

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