Inter, Javier Zanetti no longer dreams of Lionel Messi

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The words of Javier Zanetti

On Radio La Red, Javier Zanetti took stock of his Inter: “Winning the Cup as a manager would mean fulfilling another dream. I would not give up anything from my playing career to beat City. I am excited about this final, it is a great opportunity and they can win their fourth Champions League. We managed to overcome an obstacle that seemed impossible; if you trust what you do, anything is possible. In a final anything can happen because things change from one moment to the next. If I go back in my head to 2010, in the semifinal with Barcelona it was almost a final because it was a must-win game.”

Chapter Lautaro: “I don’t know what he is worth in terms of price because the market varies every day. Surely when you have a great player, other clubs can come looking for him, but I am calm. The most important thing is the will of the player because the best offer can come from nowhere. I see the boy very calm and focused on the club, not only him but also his family. For us he is a reference point, because of his characteristics but also because of his generosity. He has had an impressive evolution since he arrived in Milan. It is not easy to adapt to Italian soccer, he has done it very well.”

He closed on Messi: “He is out of reach because the economic parameters in Italy are very different and we cannot afford a player like him.”

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