F1, Ferrari: wait for new suspension, date set

©Getty Images

New suspension for Ferrari in Barcelona

There is anticipation for updates to the SF-23 that, at least in the intentions of Ferrari engineers, should lift the fortunes of a season that began somewhat below expectations. In particular at Imola, a race that was later postponed, the new rear suspension was expected but the possibility of running in the wet had then convinced the Cavallino, as reported by sources quoted by ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport,’ to take a step back, postponing the debut of the new components to the Monaco GP.

The problem is that rain is also expected for the Monte Carlo weekend, culminating in the Grand Prix scheduled for Sunday, May 28, and in unpredictable conditions it is difficult to fully assess the functionality of the new components. For this reason, therefore, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz are expected to have the new suspensions available only in Barcelona (it is run the following week), barring any further unforeseen weather-related issues.

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