F1, Lewis Hamilton meets with Toto Wolff over renewal

©Getty Images

“The sooner you sign, the sooner you focus on other things.”

After much talk, it has (perhaps) come to a showdown. As Hamilton himself confirmed at the end of the Spanish GP (finished in second position behind the unstoppable Verstappen), the day has come for a meeting with Wolff to talk about the renewal with Mercedes: “I haven’t signed yet, but I have a meeting with Toto Wolff and maybe we will close…,” the seven-time World Champion’s phrase.

Hamilton is in a hurry to have certainty about his future: “The subject of the contract does not affect my performance as you can see, however, it is clear that the sooner you sign, the sooner you focus on other things,” his closing remark. Ferrari is waiting to see whether the Hamilton-Wolff meeting will lead to the classic white smoke or not. In the event of no agreement, the Redhead could come forward decisively. The long soap opera about Hamilton’s future seems to have reached its final installment.

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