Verona saved, Spezia relegated to Serie B

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Spezia-Verona 1-3

Hellas Verona stays in A, Spezia sadly relegates to B. This is the epilogue of the one-game playoff to remain in the top division played at the Mapei Stadium in Reggio Emilia. Three to one the final score with goals accrued in the first half: lead signed by Faraoni, draw by Ampadu, then a double by Ngonge. In the second half an extraordinary Montipò parried a penalty to Nzola. In rapture the 5,000 Verona fans, dumbfounded the 4,000 Spezia fans. To which Verona recovered 8 points, from last January to the resumption of the championship after the World Cup break, reaching the play-off.

First half. Spectacular start. 5′ minute: Hellas, wrapping action, ball to the incoming Faraoni who kicks just inside the area, ball in the net, to nothing Ampadu’s desperate attempt: Verona-Spezia 1-0. Immediate reaction from Semplici’s boys: Reca from outside, ball wide by a whisker. On 14′ Ampadu from the edge, broadside that slams under the crossbar and ends up in the net: Spezia-Verona 1-1. Balanced match, broken again by the Gialloblù in the 25th minute: insistent action on the edge, then inside the area here is the splendid exchange Ngonge-Djuric-Ngonge, winning conclusion by the Belgian: Hellas Verona-Spezia 2-1. The Ligurians take a few minutes to react. The best chance on the foot of Wisniewski, under the goal, bricked by the Scaligera rearguard. On the first throw-in (38′) Verona drops the tris with Ngonge: Hellas-Spezia 3-1. Nothing more happens, 3 minutes of recovery, everyone in the locker room.

Second half. Start of resumption, same formations on the field. Spezia fans shout for a goal but a miraculous Montipò, on Zurkowski’s underhand turn, says no. Ligurians forward, Gialloblù ready to squeeze into spaces. Ngonge, again him, kicks at a sure shot, this time the Ligurian rearguard closes. Semplici plays the Verde card (8′); Zaffaroni responds with Verdi and Cabal (12′). Spezia fails to be effective, so here is the insertion of Kovalenko (21′). 22′: great action in the central corridor of Shomurodov, lob that passes Montipò coming out, the ball is ending up in the net, Faraoni intervenes and deflects it with one hand: red card for Faraoni, on the penalty spot goes Nzola who gets the penalty saved by the usual, miraculous Montipò. Spezia does not give up, strong with the extra man. 29′: Zaffaroni inserts Gaich and Terraciano. Shomurodov continues to engage Montipò, who is insuperable. Spezia closes, at times, Verona in its 16 meters. Last two changes in the Ligurians: inside Cipot and Agudelo (37′); on the other side enters Coppola (40′). Six minutes of recovery, Ampadu hits a resounding crossbar. Triple whistle: Hellas Verona in A, Spezia relegated to B.

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