NBA, LA Lakers ready: statue dedicated to Kobe

©Getty Images

The statue will be placed at the entrance of the LA Lakers’ “home”

As reported by the Daily Mail, the LA Lakers have decided to pay tribute to the great Kobe Bryant in a striking way. There is talk of a statue in his image that will be placed at the entrance to the Arena, or the “home” of the Los Angeles franchise.

Jeanie Buss, owner of the LA Lakers, has always wanted to pay a relevant tribute to the legendary Koby Bryant, who tragically passed away in January 2020 due to an accident with his helicopter. Now it seems the time has come to pay tribute to him in the best way, that is, with a statue (also featuring Gigi, who was also a victim of the accident) that will make him immortal and can be seen and honored by all his fans before entering to watch LA Lakers games.

There would also already be a date for the inauguration ceremony and it would not be chosen at all at random: August 24, 2024, which is an intended reference to the numbers 24 and 8, the ones that Kobe Bryant used throughout his long and prestigious career, always and only with the yellow and purple jersey. The name of the artist who will be commissioned to create the Kobe Bryant statue is not yet known.

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