No Serie B for Reggina

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No Serie B for Reggina

For Reggina 1914, there will be no Serie B. This was decided by the Council of State in a ruling by which it rejected the Calabrian club&#39s appeal brought to challenge the ruling by which the Lazio Regional Administrative Court rejected the appeal brought against the decision by which the Collegio di Garanzia dello Sport on July 20 rejected its appeal for readmission to the next Serie B championship.

The key issue in the case all revolved around the deadline for payment of tax and social security debts of up to Dec. 31, 2022. "Well, the ruling of the Tar – writes the CdS – withstands the appellant"s criticism. In essence, "to allow an exception to the peremptory deadline would have entailed a blatant and unacceptable violation of par condicio…and of the rules of fair competition, which require all of them, in the same manner, to pay their tax and social security debts".

The judges recall that the ruling of the Bankruptcy Court of Reggio Calabria approved a proposed debt restructuring and settlement agreement on tax and social security debts, but "the Administrations concerned did not accept this 'imposed transaction' and filed a complaint against the Bankruptcy Court ruling, which is still pending. Therefore, correctly the FIGC has deemed ineligible the payment on July 5, 2023 of a reduced percentage of the entire tax and social security claim".

For the CoS, it is not è conceivable that a deadline stipulated by a probate order should impose itself and prevail per se; over the deadline stipulated by the Licensing Manual. And all this; because é "the sports system è connoted by 'relative autonomy' with respect to the state legal system; the Bankruptcy Court has no jurisdiction in sports matters; a different deadline set by a homologation order cané acquire relevance for the sports system only if and to the extent that the sports system" so determines.

È therefore, Brescia the first in the ranking for readmission to Serie B that had been approved by the FIGC Federal Council in case of exclusion of Reggina. All that is needed now is a measure of the FIGC president to formalize and sanction the composition of the twenty teams in the league.

Discouragement and anger are the feelings in Reggio Calabria after the verdict of the Council of State. No official comment at the moment from the company, but on the other hand it is difficult to identify who should express themselves given the corporate situation that has arisen between disposals, real and alleged, repentances and second thoughts.

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