Max Verstappen already dictates the line at Red Bull… for 2026

©Getty Images

An insatiable champion, who è already focused not only on the coming year but also on the next 24 months.

Max Verstappen is aiming for a great Red Bull not only next season, after cannibalizing 2023, but also looking ahead to the following years. So much so that he has already put in his ideal sights what will happen in 2026. A time frame that may seem far away, but which represents the first season in which the team will produce its engines completely in house and cut ties with Honda for good.

Precisely this historic change è ended up the focus of the Swiss of 'Blick' who asked Verstappen if he fears that precisely 2026 could coincide with the conclusion of Red Bull domination. "The question è difficult, we ask it too,” admitted the Dutch champion. But hundreds of people are already working on our 2026 Power Unit. We don’t want any surprises, and we all want to do everything possible for that single-seater to be a missile".

This, then, is the great hope, but also the ambition of a Verstappen who already decided to put his hands up in the run-up to 2024. "I expect that rivals will come close in terms of performance, although I don&#39t know who will succeed. Obviously I hope it is not enough to catch up with us, but we will find out in Bahrain", the Red Bull driver had said during the '5 live F1 review show'.

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