Matteo Politano, agent opens up to Arabs

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The words of Matteo Politano's agent

On Radio CRC during the program “Si Gonfia la Rete” by Raffaele Auriemma, spoke the agent Mario Giuffredi, who represents Matteo Politano, Mario Rui, Di Lorenzo, Gaetano and Mazzocchi. "If I proposed to Napoli Ranieri before Natan arrived? È a player that I proposed this summer to the president because already last year he showed very important things and this year he followed up on last year’s performance. Then yesterday or the day before yesterday I read that Spalletti put him in the papable players for the national team. Today è moreù difficult to get him becauseé è a Fiorentina starter and è on everyone".

"When in the summer I talked about the fact that there were so many disgruntled in the Napoli locker room? When there was talk about the renewal of Mario Rui I said that he was one disgruntled among many disgruntled in the locker room. I was slaughtered by everyone for weeks, including journalists, fans and whatnot. Unlike others I think I am a soccer man and I live situations firsthand, I can know the real situations. I made my own idea and expressed it. Then time will tell if you say bullshit or if you are a credible person".

"The situation regarding Politano? Premise, regardless of whether he is the best player from the point of view of performance at Napoli, when he è arrived he scored 10 goals, last year he won a Scudetto, this year he scored 6 goals and 5 assists. Right now è the one who has expressed the best soccer in Napoli. With De Laurentiis we talked about the renewal already in the summer and there were no conditions, so we let it lapse. In the following months we kept talking about it and the president è committed to me saying he would renew the contract, but things were postponed for one reason or another. Today è this offer came from Arabia, we left the choice up to the company. But De Laurentiis knows very well what è the will è of Politano. The president has è made himself available to review Politano’s contractual position, but things must be done in the shortest possible time becauseé time passes and things must be seen as soon as possible out of respect for the boy".

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