Carlo Pernat defends Enea Bastianini and takes a shot at Jorge Martin

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Carlo Pernat defends Enea Bastianini and throws a dig at Jorge Martin

During an interview given to the microphones of "MowMag", the Genoese manager Carlo Pernat, among the various topics covered, wanted to comment in no uncertain terms on the statements made by Jorge Martin regarding a possible farewell to Ducati in case of non-promotion in the official team from the 2025 season.

"One thing I want to say, becauseé I read statements around that a little bit start to bother me: Jorge Martin is not making a big deal of always coming back to the issue and making certain exits. I think riders have to prove their worth on the track and not with words" began the Genovese manager.

"Enea did it in 2022, overwhelmingly winning the confrontation with Martin. Jorge, on the other hand, without detracting from his 2023 season that è was extraordinary, cannotò say he overcame Bastianini, since Enea, in fact, was never there. Despite several physical problems è managed to win a GP, but even then the Spaniard had to have his say. So, if I were him, I would wait for the direct confrontation to prove that he deserves promotion to the official team, but everyone makes his own choices and says what he wants" concluded Carlo Pernat.

In the controversial statements released by Jorge Martin, in addition to the threat of a farewell to Ducati, the Spanish centaur è expressed himself bluntly about Bastianini’s triumph in Malaysia: "I understand that Enea had a bad year, but he ran 14 or 15 GPs and won only 1 becauseé he had the front tire pressure at 1.2. Soì I would have been able to win too".

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