Jose Mourinho, sensational rumors about Napoli.

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The future of José Mourinho

Mourinho to Napoli: the news circulating about a possible interest of the Neapolitan club for the Portuguese coach è has been confirmed after his exoneration from Roma. According to Sportmediaset, his agent Jorge Mendes has contacted President De Laurentiis to explore this possibility.

Napoli is considering several candidates for the role of coach next season, and President De Laurentiis has considered the interest of Mourinho, with whom he has excellent relations thanks to Mendes. However, there is speculation that Mourinho&#39s salary, which used to earn 7 million euros a year at Roma, may be a financial obstacle for Napoli.

De Laurentiis might only be willing to make a similar effort for Antonio Conte, who però is also liked by AC Milan. What seems certain è that Mourinho will not stay long at home.  Someone like luoi seems made for the Premier League. His last stint at Tottenham è ended with an exoneration early in the season leading up to the Carabao Cup. In England, Mourinho è respected and even loved for his work at Spurs, where he enhanced players like Kane and Son and laid the foundation for the team’s future. He has already coached most of the big English clubs except City, Liverpool and Arsenal. However, it seems unlikely that Chelsea, with whom he remains a legend to most fans, will call him back. The opportunity to lead the new Manchester United also seems uncertain. One possibility might be Newcastle, but è it is hard to imagine him at a mid-table club in the Premier League.

Outside of England, in Spain, there's still interest from Florentino Perez and Real Madrid, but Ancelotti has just renewed his contract. In France, there is è talk of him at Paris Saint-Germain, but the club seems to have other preferences. Situations such as Marseille or a Premier League team aiming for eighth place seem unlikely for a coach of Mourinho&#39s caliber.

However, the temptations for Mourinho may lie elsewhere. Brazil è a possibility, especially now that Ancelotti è is in charge, but he may be open to future consideration. The Saudi League has been courting him for some time, and Mourinho himself has hinted at the idea of working in the Arab league. Al Hilal has made an offer in the past, which è was turned down, but in the coming summer, with many teams looking for improvements on the bench, he could be the Saudi League's number one object of desire, perhaps along with Mo Salah. Mourinho è future is uncertain, but there will certainly be no shortage of opportunities for a coach of his caliber.

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