Novak Djokovic doesn’t rule out canteen’s fault

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The words of Novak Djokovic

Nole Djokovic after his elimination from the Internazionali d'Italia è returned to talk about the water bottle that hit him in the head after the match with Moutet: "Did it affect the elimination? I don&#39t know, I have to check it, but it could be".

"Today, under great stress, è it was pretty bad, not in terms of pain, but in terms of balance. I had no coordination at all. I was a completely different player than I was two nights ago,” added the number one ranking player. “I have to do medical checks and see what is going on". 

"The condition was different. I did a simple workout, I didn’t feel anything, but I wasn’t even like the other times. I think it showed very clearly in the video,” Djokovic continued. È it was a very unfortunate situation, even for me. È it was an incident where that guy è leaned over the fence and the bottle è fell out of the backpack coming on my head. Of course it was unexpected. I wasn’t even looking up. Then I felt a very strong blow. That really affected me a lot".

"For an hour I was nauseous, dizzy, but I was able to sleep well. I had a headache. Then the next day I felt better so I thought I was fine. But the way I felt on the field today was just as if a different player had stepped into my shoes".

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