Purple mom brags about Juventus insults

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Dialectic clashes continue


Bloggers-typhoos try to ride the’wave after what happened at the Franchi in the pre-match of Fiorentina-Monza and, of course, social media become a field of challenge. And of verbal violence.

One mom, in reserving a new applause for the child who insulted Juventus while the Serie A anthem was being performed, and whose first name and more are, incredibly, being published by many.

“My son and my sister&#39s three children had a very strict upbringing in this regard. The first word è mom and the second word è Jxxx Mxxxx (but the woman è was explicit, ed.). I am glad to see that the little girl è from the same school” wrote all proud, accompanying her thoughts with three purple hearts.

Phrases that led to even dialectically violent reactions.


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