Leonardo Semplici speaks out on Alex Meret’s future

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Leonardo Semplici speaks out on Alex Meret’s future

During a speech on the program "Il calcio della sera" on Kiss Kiss Napoli, former SPAL and Cagliari coach Leonardo Semplici, among the various topics discussed, bluntly expressed himself on the rumors related to a possible farewell at the end of the season of Alex Meret, who è been the subject of several criticisms by the Neapolitan fans during this year.

"Alex è a great goalkeeper, I know him both as a man and as a footballer and è a true number one. Last year he was questioned but he was able to cope with the criticism like some of his teammates and even win the Scudetto. This year he may have been affected like everyone else by the difficult moment of the whole Napoli team, although he certainly made some mistakes if the defense does not help him in the right way everything becomes more complicated for him" began the former Cagliari coach.

"There canè be that the Azzurri can think of changing in the next season, but if you change Meret you have to take a 50 million goalkeeper becauseè otherwise it would not make sense. Today Alex è one of the best goalkeepers in Italy and in my opinion also in Europe, è he has been too often questioned, but I know that he cares so much about this shirt and I hope he can continue this adventure" continued the former Spal coach.

"For next season Napoli must choose a coach who is supported in every way by the companyà and first and foremost by the president, becauseè the names that are being made are all very good technicians, but to return to winning as this square deserves there'è need unityà of intent by creating the right environment and trust" added the native of Florence.

"Simeone has proven to be an important pawn in an environment where everything was running smoothly, but he needs to play with continuity and trust from his coach if he wants to make an impact again. Rugani has made an incredible career, è a very important player, but for the choices of his future and on the possibility that he could come to Napoli everything also depends on the corporate choices and especially on who will be the new coach" concluded Leonardo Semplici.

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