FIVB Ranking makes it official: Italy snaps pass for Paris Olympics

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Official: Italy è qualified for Paris Olympics

Now è official. Italy men's volleyball è qualified for the Paris 2024 Olympics. After the conclusion of the second Nations League phase in Canada, in fact, the new FIVB Ranking has certified the arithmetic qualification to the next Olympic Games by the national team captained by Fefé De Giorgi. 

Italy occupies the second place in the standings behind Poland with 369.30 points and thanks to its success with Holland, it has secured the necessary margin over Cuba (tenth with 250.64) to celebrate the Olympic pass a week in advance.

"We are really happy to have achieved this qualification that represented the first major goal of the season. We knew at the beginning of the year that the Azzurri were in a very good position to get the Olympic pass, but the boys did a great job of closing the qualification talks in the first two weeks of play, thanks to some great performances. My thanks go out to these wonderful guys, as well as to all the Italian staff who have been doing an outstanding job since 2021. We go to Paris knowing that we have a team that canò compete with anyone" this is the hot comment from FIPAV President Giuseppe Manfredi.

Fefé De Giorgi’s national team, after concluding the trip to Ottawa, willà to Slovenia for the third week of the Volleyball Nations League, where it will face Poland, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Turkey from June 19 to 23.

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