F1, Juan Pablo Montoya criticizes Ferrari

©Getty Images

He raced in F1 with Williams and McLaren

Ferrari won only two of the first nine races of the year in Formula 1. The other seven went to Red Bull, which has a clear lead in both championships.

According to Juan Pablo Montoya, the Maranello-based manufacturer has given too many gifts to its rivals. “They are not doing as well as they should, that’s the problem,” the former Williams and McLaren driver told VegasInsider. “Half of Red Bull’s victories have been given away by Ferrari, not won by Red Bull. Ferrari has such a fast car and is afraid to make mistakes.”

“In Ferrari nobody wants to make a mistake, nobody wants to be blamed. So everyone starts to feel the pressure and make mistakes, even the mechanics,” he added. “You have to go back to basics, make simple pit stops and good calls, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. That’s the point.”

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