Fiorentina, Milenkovic future: Joe Barone is categorical

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The club confirms its intention to retain the Serbian unless there are irrenounceable offers

Joe Barone, Rocco Commisso’s right-hand man, spoke on the sidelines of an event in Moena about Fiorentina’s market and, in particular, the future of Nikola Milenkovic.

“Rocco and I want him to stay, we are a good group,” he said, lapidary. “However, it will not be easy to keep him, we have to see what will happen if someone comes knocking saying they are interested in him, what the offer will be.

“We, however, want him to stay,” Barone reiterated. “The more days pass the better, of course, I cannot give definitive guarantees but Fiorentina wants to keep him.

The first few days of Serie A will see the incoming and outgoing soccer market still in the limelight although the matches have already begun: in August, in fact, as many as four rounds will be played, since the calendar has been largely conditioned by the World Cup that will be staged in Qatar. And which, as we all know, will unfortunately not see the Italian national team at the start, having failed to qualify for the review for the second time in a row.

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