F1, Max Verstappen does the rain dance

©Getty Images

“Ferrari is ahead of us here and it will be very difficult to beat them on this track.”

After finishing fourth in the second free practice session at the Hungaroring circuit — and showing some hints of impatience even with his radio team — Max Verstappen made statements reported by Dutch portal GpFans and GpBlog.

“As expected, it’s a bit tricky for us in Hungary. We have to find a balance between fast and slow corners. Sometimes the car works’ better, sometimes a little less. In any case, we still have work to do,” Verstappen began.

“What we saw today confirms what we already thought. Ferrari is ahead of us here, and it will be very difficult to beat them on this track. Anyway, tonight we will at least see how to reduce the gap as much as possible. We’ll also have to see what the weather will be like: perhaps the rain forecast for tomorrow could give us a better chance ahead of official practice,” concluded the son of art.

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