Umana Reyer, crowd bath and derby win

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A bath of love, a packed arena and a celebration of basketball.

Today among the marvelous Belluno Dolomites of the Biois Valley, Umana Reyer Venezia first embraced its fans and then played a family friendly with Umana San Giobbe Chiusi, orogranata cantera militant in A2. In the late morning, more than 300 fans met the boys on the Falcade plain where the younger ones played basketball and took pictures with their favorites, while the fans sang choruses for the orogranata. It was an exciting moment that definitely decreed the start of the season with the enthusiasm of the supporters who got to meet the newcomers and re-embrace the old guard.

In the afternoon, the PalaFalcade, packed to capacity, hosted the Umana derby, won by the orogranata . Here too, it was the orogranata fans who were the real protagonists with their warmth giving the charge for an enthusiastic start to the season. Before the game exchange of tributes between the mayors of Venice and Falcade Luigi Brugnaro and Mauro Salvaterra.

Umana Reyer without Parks, injured right thumb, Moraschini, unable to play official friendlies, and national players Tessitori, Spissu, Granger and Sima.

Balanced start of the game with Reyer leading throughout the first half, albeit with minimal gaps. Watt and Willis were the protagonists in the first half with Chiusi responding blow by blow. De Nicolao tries to trigger his teammates and finds Watt and Freeman (two bombs). De Raffaele rotates all the players and the bench makes a nice contribution. 25-19 Reyer.

In the second quarter, athletic training begins to show as Watt stoppages and hits with two baskets. The game continues to be balanced with Medford and Bolpin excellent for the red-and-whites. In the second half Willis scores four consecutive points. 41-38 Reyer at halftime.

Medford also has the hot hand in the third quarter where Chiusi pulls ahead. Orogranata a bit on the legs, Chiusi takes advantage. Chillo finds a basket with an immediate foul and after a circulation De Nicolao finds two triples. Umana shows great willingness to look for team play. Freeman and Mbaye put the Orogranata back ahead, 56-51.

De Nicolao again scorches the opponent’s net. Triples by Medford and Brooks ignite the crowd. Porfilio also stands out as De Raffaele continues to rotate his players. Freeman triggers De Nicolao for two triples. Points by Willis and Freeman close out the contest. 71-63 the final.


Umana Reyer: Ndoye 8, Venuto, Freeman 10, Bramos 2, Chillo 4, Chappelli 3, Morgillo, De Nicolao 15, Brooks 7, Minincleri ne, Willis 9, Watt 13. All. De Raffaele.

Umana Chiusi: Braccagni, Martini 5, Raffaelli 2, Porfilio 4, Medford 20, Van Eyck 8, Bolpin 6, Possamai 8, Donzelli, Cavalloro, Candotto, Razzetto 10. All. Bassi,

The story continues, because tomorrow, Sunday, Aug. 28, it will be the Orogranata girls who will climb to an altitude of 1148 meters to hold their preseason training camp. A welcome drink is scheduled on Sunday evening, also at the Sport Cristal hotel.

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