Paolo Simoncelli celebrates Rossi’s podium finish

©Getty Images

SIC58 team boss Paolo Simoncelli smiles after a good weekend in Thailand

SIC58 team boss Paolo Simoncelli celebrated Riccardo Rossi’s podium finish in the Moto3 Thailand GP in a statement: a third place that represents the best result of his career for the Genovese centaur, class of 2002.

“Finally! A desired podium, exhausting, waited as one waits for a sunny day the month of December and we finally did it, after a beautiful race by Rossi – Simoncelli wrote – At the beginning of the championship we had started well then something crossed our path and we stalled. Our stalemate went on for a while, for too long, but this third place allows us to catch our breath. I hope it helps to make us less paranoid in the future, because one of the problems of today’s drivers is that they think too much, they should race more lightly.”

“This result was worth the early wake-up call! I would have liked to have been there to enjoy the live show, but … it will be for Australia. One should make many more communiqués like this: tight, few words. When you have little to say it is because the results speak.”

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