Massimiliano Allegri blurts out, “We need the basics.”

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Massimiliano Allegri blurts out, “We need the basics.”

Juventus will have a chance to make up for the defeat they suffered against AC Milan on Tuesday: the Champions League match against Maccabi will be played at the Haifa Stadium. In press conference Massimiliano Allegri presented the match this way, “It will be a very complicated match, they have already shown good things here, they are good shooters. At home they had a good game with PSG. The environment is very hot and we will have to be careful in certain moments we will have to not repeat the mistakes made last time.”

The Bianconeri need to change gears quickly to get back on the bubble: “We need to go out there and do the best in all aspects. You need heart, passion, the basic things to play a game of soccer. Then it happens that there are mistakes. I understand that from the outside it may seem easy to change players, cycles end, and after three months you win, but it’s not like that.”

“We put all the love and passion to bring Juventus right back to the places it deserves. However, there are other teams that have grown. To reach the goals we have to do much more, regain the general self-esteem that was there before. We have to work every day, grow and return to the levels that Juventus competes.”

“There is a chance to play another game tomorrow, there is an opportunity to get back on our feet right away. The two games had deluded everyone a little bit, it was a mistake and we should not delude ourselves but live with reality, with practical things. This is a path that has to be done day after day always questioning, working with passion and having the desire to get the goals. By creating assumptions, then if there are stronger teams we will see at the end. But on the field we must no longer make mistakes as happened repeatedly in various games at the beginning of the season,” Allegri concluded.

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