De Ketelaere injury, bad news comes.

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De Ketelaere injury, bad news comes.

It’s raining cats and dogs at Milan: the Rossoneri have to deal with an injury emergency, to which Charles De Ketelaere has also been added. Stefano Pioli is not optimistic: “Charles has had an injury and fatigue, I think he is unlikely to be there on Sunday. Messias is back in the squad. Let’s wait for tomorrow morning’s muscle awakening to decide on the lineup.”

The Rossoneri will take on Chelsea on Tuesday: “We have to show that it was a single episode and that it cannot be the norm for our level. We were disappointed. Tomorrow will be another game, but we have to learn from last week’s situations; we evaluated the mistakes, Chelsea took advantage of them.”

“Milan must not live between Chelsea and Juve, but must live their games according to their level,” Pioli continued. “We must not be worried: yes disappointed for London, but tomorrow is another game and we must be able to play at our level.

Dest is having several difficulties in the Rossoneri: “He comes from a way of playing quite different from ours: Barcelona has much more dribbling, management, technique, less verticality and aggressiveness; it is normal to need some time to adapt. I believe a lot in his qualities and soon his time will also come.”

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