Reyer Venezia, Gianluca Tucci doesn’t let his guard down for Eurocup debut

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The words of Gianluca Tucci

Gianluca Tucci, Orogranata assistant coach, presented Umana Reyer’s debut game in 7Days Eurocup scheduled at Ratiopharm Arena in Ulm on Tuesday, October 11 at 7:15 pm.

“For this game, the focus is twofold – Tucci’s words – First of all on us, because we need to better integrate Spissu, readjust with the new path we have taken after Parks’ injury, with the roles that players will have to have in order to have a physical balance of a certain kind in the middle of the court. So we are focused on the steps we need to take in this time of tactical rearrangement. And, missing Moraschini, we need to express physicality in more ways than one.”

Then he focused on analyzing the opponent: “As for Ulm, it is a lineup that has especially in athleticism in the roles from 3 to 5 its main strength. They have 6 longs with all different characteristics: special attention I think Konate deserves it, who last year in Trieste had a championship that earned him an important EuroCup contract. And then they have long guys with 3-point shooting, like Bretzel and Christen, who are definitely very important. On the other hand, the player who changes the balance a little bit is Mobley, an outside player who can do everything, very talented, with great physique, so we will have a special focus on him and on the shooters Kepleisz and Zugic, who start from the bench. Then they have a lot of dynamism in the two playmakers: a young one, the promising Nunez, left-handed, who starts from the bench, and Iago Dos Sontos, who is the starter and is able to put everyone in rhythm a little bit. Not least to mention Jallow, who has a key role this year, because he is the only “pure” one in the 3 role and is a player of great intensity from the physical point of view.”

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