Amedeo Della Valle closes the case related to his future

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The words of Amedeo Della Valle

Amedeo Della Valle spoke to Teletutto about the moment of his Germani Brescia, defeated in Badalona. “It’s not easy with anyone in the EuroCup on the road, even more so with a team cconstructed to win the event.We didn’t shoot well, we struggled against their defensive aggressiveness, but these are lessons that will be good for us. It’s not easy to adapt to playing twice a week, we didn’t do it last year and some have never done it in their careers.”

Closing remark on the market: “I understand that for the fans it was a difficult thing to accept, but for me it was simply a moment of trying to figure out what my opportunities and ambitions could be. There were some offers from non-Euroleague teams that economically could have exceeded that of Brescia, but I preferred to be consistent and stay here.”

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