Monza, Pablo Marì stabbed: the touching letter of Matteo Pessina

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“My world collapsed on me. That stab wound, with you, we all suffered it at the same time.”

Monza captain Matteo Pessina posted an open letter on social media addressed to Pablo Marì, who was stabbed Thursday night in a supermarket in Assago: the biancorosso player, who underwent surgery in the morning, will have to stay put for two months.

“Hello big brother. Last night, at Dr. Galliani’s phone call, my world collapsed on me. In our work we are prepared for many unforeseen events, bad things that can happen to us at any moment and suddenly change our lives. But when I was told that you were involved in a stabbing while in the company of your wife and child, I was overwhelmed by thoughts that still give me no peace. With me all the teammates, the staff and the whole of Monza. That stabbing, with you, we all suffered it at the same time. To know that a person in the tranquility of a Thursday afternoon, in a supermarket, could suffer such violence is hard to accept.”

“The news then began to circulate as we lived suspended waiting for news that could at least comfort us. “How is Pablo?”, “Is there any news?”… these were the messages we exchanged like a prayer, hoping someone would tell us something. Then Dr. Galliani informed us that your life was not in danger but that you would have to undergo an operation and that the rehabilitation path would be long. News that throughout the night kept me awake and continues to give me no peace. This could not have happened. We, Pablo, have only known each other for a few months, but guys like you it’s hard not to bond right away. You tiptoed into our locker room with the professionalism and experience that only great men bring. Right from the start, you made yourself available to everyone, giving each of us a smile and a word of comfort in the darkest and most difficult moments. And today, it is we here, all of us together, fighting and huddling around you. Just as you have always done for us. We will fight this battle with you and with you, with the smile and strength you always gave us. You are a rock, we will wait for you here!”

“A hug to your wonderful family. A special thought to the injured and their families, but especially to Luis Fernando Ruggieri, victim of this insane attack. Matthew.”

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