Juventus, Luis Enrique suggested for the bench

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Juventus soccer market, attempt for Luis Enrique

Important news comes from Spain regarding the Bianconeri’s next technical guide. Luis Enrique has reportedly received an offer of 10 million a year for a 3-year contract, according to reports from the “Chiringuito de Jugones.”

The Iberian national team coach would be considering the option of returning to Serie A, a league he already knows from his two-year experience at Roma (from 2011 to 2013), and in which he would not struggle to readjust quickly.

Just a suggestion at present, the Spain coach, with the World Cup now just around the corner, does not want to divert attention from preparing the team. Depending on the outcome of the biggest football competition, consequences and choices will follow; it is not ruled out that he could continue his adventure with the Red Furies or settle back at Barcelona, to try to lift a club in an unusually difficult phase.

However, a suggestion that gives hope to Juventus fans, who would undoubtedly like a change of course, and Luis Enrique could be the man for the job.

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